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1.561,27 kr

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Forventet forsendelses dato
04 maj 2021 - 11 maj 2021

The Menicon B4PM lens is a rigid contact lens for correction of myopic and hyperopic patients with keratoconus.

Menicon B4P contact lenses are indicated for off-center keratoconus and irregular astigmatism.

This lens is available in 2 materials: Menicon Z (Tisilfocon A, UV protection and Dk value: 163) or Menicon EX (Tolofocon A, Dk value: 64)

(Dk value is a measure of the oxygen permeability. Materials with a high Dk transmit more oxygen to the eye than those with a low Dk value.)

This rigid lens is highly permeable to oxygen which helps ensure safe wearing for the eye.

The Menicon B4PM made with material "Menicon Z" has a UV filter to protect the eye from harmful rays.

The lens is delivered with a light blue tint (to help find the lens in the lens case).

Replacement: 1-2 years (follow the recommendation from your eye care professional)

This lens is a custom product (made-to-order product): Order cancellations, exchanges or returns is not possible.

Producent Menicon
Materiale Nej
Oxygenoverførsel (dk/t) Nej
Silikonehydrogel Nej
Døgnlinse Nej
Antal per æske 1
UV beskyttelse Ja
Lens udskiftning tidsplan 1 år (renses dagligt)
Vandindhold Nej